A deeper look into the world of

Pacha Play

Clothing for the Urban Mystic, Earth Explorer

since 2007

Who we are

Pacha Play creates high quality clothing for radical thinkers and nomadic dreamers- individuals who inspire imagination and embodiment.  These are earth-explorers, travelers of the realms, those who work towards a more aligned future on the planet. 


Pacha Play was created as an endeavor of inspiration and passion~  clothing constructed for movement and play. Elements taken from archetypal aspects of empowerment, Pacha Play explores the ninja-samurai-warrior-badass creatrix who is a devotee to the earth and our evolution.  The clothing is constructed for strength, comfort, mobility, as well as longevity.   Pacha Play values future forward lifestyle and well being, inclusion of all race and gender.  We are dancers, entrepreneurs, earth explorers, bad-ass builders of the new earth. 


Pacha Play was created in 2007 by Edica Pacha.  Pacha started making clothing for her then 5 year old son, and soon adventured into designing pants and clothing for the festival community.  The original model of the business was custom pieces and small runs that were designed and sewn by Pacha.  She soon started working with a small production house in Denver, Colorado to help sew some of the designs.  In 2010, she went to Bali for the first time to start producing with a small factory overseas.  The business grew through festival marketplaces and through a small wholesale market.  

In 2013, Pacha decided to start working for other design houses and working specifically in production.  She also directed more of her energy into her photography and social art projects.  Pacha Play kept going through the sales at Umba Boulder and through pop up market that Pacha Play would occasionally participate in.

In 2022, post pandemic, there was a rise in the demand for Pacha Play clothing.  Pacha revisited the business model and decided to take the timeless designs that have been produced for years, and build an online marketplace for them to reach a greater audience.  So here we are, Spring 2023, launching a more sustainable way to bring Pacha Play products to the community.